April 13, 2010

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My Friend is a HUCCI

March 25, 2010

So there's another one of my homegirls who is such an awesome individual that she deserves a blog post in light of said awesomeness. Eboni Khan is one old fart; she's been around since 2004, and we've been friends since 08, I believe. Nonetheless, I have learned and thrived in the SL fashion/business industry because of Eboni's saavy and no-nonsense advice, and for that I'm ever grateful. I've had the pleasure of watching Hucci be reinvigorated and reinvented, and was sincerely overjoyed to see it thrive and become a staple in the discerning fashionista's wardrobe.

Thanks Eboni for all that you do; you're one of the realest people in SL, and surely one of the wisest! I wish you continued success in Hucci and its affiliates.

♥, Kami

Look 1 (w/Dress):

Dress: House of Hucci FreeFlow in Bubblegum
Bow: Truth Kylei Bow
Shoes: Nardcotix Kurvy T-Strap in Gold
Glasses: Shade Throne Downey Sunglassees in Coal
Necklace: House of Hucci Large Chain Necklace

Look 2(w/ bunny ears):

Skin: Fishy Strawberry Natalie-Macchiato (free in subscribo)
Ears: Sissi Easter Gift (1L)
Hair: Truth Skyla in Strawberry
Jacket: COCO Denim Jacket in Midnight
Shirt: Sn@tch SaloonWhore Top in White/Baby Pink
Pants: House of Hucci Gloss Skinny Jeans in Candy
Shoes: Nardcotix Absinthe in Sterling

Look 3( w/ hat):

Hat: Donna Flora Milli Ballet
Skin: LAQ Tasha 2 in Cocoa
Shirt: House of Hucci Electric Dreams Tee Silver/Pink
Pants: Fishy Strawberry Benatar Leather Pants in Gun
Shoes: Miel Far Boots Polar Edition
Necklace: Violet Voltaire Dollie Necklace 

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A Bagful of Hope

March 16, 2010

Its been a while, and I've missed blogging. I was on strike for a while because I don't want to get caught up into the "look at me, ain't I pretty" trap, and didn't wanna spam the feeds with my vanity. I think blogging should be a point of personal reflection for me, as well as some fashion thrown in, of course; from now on, I'm going to blog when I feel like it, on my terms, and talk about whatever the hell I want.

Today I'd like to reflect on friendship. Its not often that you are blessed to have a friend as nerdy as you who decides to delve into your intricate web of virtual reality; the chica of whom is the subject of today's picture is just that person. Zooey Courtois and I been good RL buds since 2005, and I introduced her to SL in 2007; from there, we've both had a hell of a ride. Zo has been there for me through all of the virtual (and real life) trials and tribulations, and for that I thank her immensely. I love you, diva!

Here's Zooeycakes looking hella cute:

Bag: .bag lady. The Seedling (purple)
Dress: couverture* fontaine whitepink
Shoes: SLink Paloma Point Ballet Slippers White
Hair: Mustache {Hilton} in Red 4
Lashes: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLiE::
Skin: :unBra: Skin Yakira redux A
Eyes: <<< np >>> Fairy Eyes periodot

Also, I'm donating to Glance's RFL team, and made 2 bags being sold in the Accessories Fair store (see pics). I lost my grandmother last year to a bevy of maladies, one being lung cancer. Any help that you can provide in combating cancer is beneficial; consider donating to the cause today. 100% of the proceeds go directly to official American Cancer Society avatars; I usually don't participate in charities because its hard to discern legit ones from scams, but I can assure you that this one is for real!

That's enough for today, maybe. Love y'all!

♥ Kami

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Accessories FTW.

March 6, 2010

Alright- guess I need to take a break on the 365 Day project, because I can't keep up with my schedule. Oh well. 

So I've been busy hammering away in the workshop, and came up with these goodnesses for the Accessories Fair 2010. They're available starting TODAY, here

♥, Kami

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First- yea, I missed a day. I've been finding that, well finding the time to blog every single day is tough as hell! I'm going to keep up with the project and just go from today; I'll try not to bite my own head off if I happen to miss. Enough with the disclaimers- now for my post.

Nothing burns my biscuits more than a blind follower. Whether it has been indoctrinated or passed down through genealogy, I'm not sure; I'd love to look onto the soul of a person who feels that they exist merely to do so. Perhaps there's something inside, some sort of fire that prevents me from flowing with societal norms as I should; from the time I was small, I questioned EVERYTHING. When I was in the second grade, for example, I asked the teacher why 2+2 had to be 4. Of course mathematically its correct, but I wondered WHO it was that made these symbols, added them together, and came up with another symbol. Furthermore, I wondered who came up with adding, the word "add", meanings of words in general, and language. The thought of not being as inquisitive honestly scares me; when we stop questioning the government, societal norms, and human rights issues, well what then? 

Today, think about all the things you do because you were "told to"; reevaluate what those rules mean to your life, and if necessary, dig deep to find the "why". It might surprise you to know that you're subscribing to something that doesn't make sense for your life. 

OK- In .bag lady. news…THE MAINSTORE IS OPEN! THE MAINSTORE IS OPEN! THE MAINSTORE IS OPENNNNNN! Finally, after weeks of sheer procrastination, the mainstore is open for you to come and grab. There are some new items that have been unreleased in the 2 satellite stores available for purchase, and a new In Bloom bag for sale, of which I truly love (psst- there's only 500 copies of this one available!). Check out the store here! 

Pic Creds: 

Hair: LeLutka Hera in Pitch
Tattoo: .bag lady. Drama Makeup (for Viewer 2 users, 35L at the mainstore)
Jacket: Armidi Limited Unisex Moto Leather Jacket in Black
Pants: Armidi Limited Metallic Tights in Black
Boots: Armidi Giasci Kyoto Boots in Black
Whip: Random noob item

♥, Kami.

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Day 6 of 365: Tidy.

March 2, 2010

I'm late (its 1 AM here), I know, but I'm dedicated to my blogging project, so here we go. 

Today I cleaned; my momma always told me that March meant spring cleaning, where we clean all the nooks and crannies of the house, open all the windows, and do the housework that we've put off through the winter. I'm one of those OCD folks who has to have their home immaculate at all times (in case someone comes over, of course), so there was not much to do; while Swiffer-ing the kitchen however, I had an interesting thought. 

We take this opportunity to clean our homes to renew and refresh our living spaces, but how often is it that we take mental inventory to clean out all the nooks and crannies of our minds? Sometimes there is some baggage left there that can be cleaned with a little meditation; its up to us individually to seek out the cobwebs and swat at them with a broom. Today (meaning Tuesday at this point) take some time to assess what needs to be tidy in your life and mind. You may discover that you have a big ole' mess to be cleaned! 

By the way, for those of you waiting for the In Bloom bag (pictured above), its coming this week, I promise! I know I said Monday, but I was bit with the cleaning bug. If you don't remember, its a LIMITED EDITION bag, meaning only 300 will be sold, ever! Sounds cool, right? Sit tight- I'll let you know when its out. 

The mainstore and a BUNCH of goodies are on the way this week, so stay tuned; same bat time, same bat place. 

Outfit and stuff: 

Hair: Exile Susan in Auburn (free in the store)
Headband: .bag lady. Spoiled Little Rich Girl Headband (out this week!)
Necklace: Aimesi Necklace Ametrin
Bracelets: Aimesi Bracelets Ametrin
Shrug: The Plastik Valen Sparkle Shrug (an old gift)
Tanks: The Plastik Men's BeaterTank in Green; Thimbles Butterberry Tank
Pants: glow studio Baggy Pants in Meadow
Shoes: Magi Take Sports Sneaker in Yellow (free on x-street) 

Vacuum: RC Cluster SS Meggasuc PLUS Vacuum in Yellow

In love, 

♥ Kami

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Day 5 of 365: Innocence.

February 28, 2010

When people meet me for the first time, they automatically assume that I am unassuming; timid, bashful, and introverted are the terms that have been used to describe me, however completely false. This air of innocence that I am able to cloak on as Batman does his cape saves me from even the most perilous capers; you see, I am one of those extroverted people unafraid to voice my opinion, however unpopular. Upon joining Plurk and engaging in the mundane drama that takes place there, I've learned a few things about innocence: 

  1. People are not as innocent as they seem, in intent and in general;
  2. Questions can be shaped in an innocent way, protecting the person asking from being persecuted;
  3. Some people cling to an innocence that they've never been assumed to have. 
I'm not professing that this is anyone in general, and if it was, I'd certainly point them out (cozy). These are just trends that I've noticed in regards to innocence that makes me take a step back and smile; if not for the jovial conversation between my Plurkmates, I'd be totally bored while procrastinating on things more productive. 

And here's my completely innocent outfit: 

Hair: booN JUN762 Hair in Black 
Skin: Pink Fuel Chai Girly
Necklace: Aimesi Antique Bleu Necklace (coming soon)
Earrings: Aimesi Antique Bleu Earrings (coming soon)
Glasses: Artilleri Gabriella Glasses in Black
Jacket: Nardcotix Colleen Bolero
Dress: Cupcakes Adina Dress (super old, not sure if its still sold)
Bracelet: Aimesi Antique Bleu Bracelet (coming soon)
Bag: Aimesi Antique Bleu Clutch (coming soon)
Hose: Shop Toshy Black Seducer in Argyle
Shoes: Nardcotix Varela Heel in White

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